Sunday 10 January 2016

Wild Elephant Ransacked Paschim Satali Village

Yesterday night, 10th January 16, an wild elephant entered Paschim Satali Village under Mendabari GP, Kalchini Block, District Alipurduar at midnight and ransacked it. One shop,15 meters distant from the Kodalbasty Forest Range office had been severely damaged by the elephant.
Moreover,three houses of the villagers were also damaged by the said elephant.Villagers complained that they had informed the forest authority and did not get timely assistance from the forest concerned.

Due to the reluctance of Forest Depertment(Kodalbusty Range) most of the time wild elephants enter in the village and damage the property of the villagers and they did not get timely assistance to drive back the elephant.

Forest department do not give any timely compensation to the villagers for such loss caused by the ransacking of wild animals and the villagers are gradually becoming annoyed for reluctance of forest concerned.

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