Sunday 31 January 2016

Gazette notification by Central Govt for Duncan Tea Gardens

Find a copy of the gazette notification published by the Central Govt.India in connection with take over of 7 Duncan Tea Gardens in West Bengal.

(Department of Commerce)
New Delhi, the 28th January, 2016
S.O. 260(E).—Whereas attention of the Central Government has been drawn through various
representations to the deteriorating condition of the tea gardens of West Bengal, in particular the tea gardens owned and managed by M/s Duncan Industries Ltd.
And whereas, the Tea Board under direction of the Central Government caused inspection of all the
fourteen gardens owned by M/s Duncan Industries Ltd. and submitted a report;
And whereas, a report on the status of stressed tea gardens in West Bengal was also received from
the State Government of West Bengal;
And whereas, the situation of the said tea gardens has been assessed by the Central Government on
the basis of the report of the Tea Board and the State Government of West Bengal and consultations with the
stakeholders of tea sector;
And whereas, the Central Government is of the considered opinion that the tea gardens as listed
below are being managed in a manner highly detrimental to the tea industry and to public interest:
Birpara Tea Estate
Garganda Tea Estate
Lankapara Tea Estate
Tulsipara Tea Estate
Huntapara Tea Estate
Dhumchipara Tea Estate
Demdima Tea Estate
Now, therefore, in exercise of powers conferred by sub-section (1) of section 16E of the Tea Act,
1953 (29 of 1953), the Central Government hereby authorises the Tea Board to take immediate steps to take
over the management or the control of the above seven tea estates as per the provisions of Chapter IIIA of the
Tea Act, 1953 (29 of 1953).
[F. No. T-22015/1/2016-Plant(A)]
Printed by the Manager, Government of India Press, Ring Road, Mayapuri, New Delhi-110064
and Published by the Controller of Publications, Delhi-110054.

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