Friday 1 January 2016

Kalchini TMC split into two camps

Much cry but little wool.Despite of repeated communications from TMC supremo Ms.Mamta Banerjee for united party activity, open party conflict in Kalchini TMC is unimpeded.

In fact Kalchini Block TMC is split in two camps.Most of the TMC workers and leaders opine that Kalchini TMC Block President has failed in toto to make party united and strengthened in the Block.

Recently an workers and leaders meeting of Lathabari Anchal TMC organized by a fraction had
held on Thursday 31/12/15 with very poor attendance of workers and leaders.

Most of the veteran workers and leaders of Lathabari Anchal TMC were absent in the meeting.President,TMC Lathabari Anchal Committee Mr.Niranjan Mandal had expressed that none had informed or invited him in the meeting.
Thus the meeting was conducted leaving it's official president.

However on 1/1/2016 veteran TMC founder member of Kalchini like Mr.Ranjit Ghosh and some other leaders and some other leaders along with huge number of TMC workers were present at Hamiltonganj Bus Stand to observe the 19th birth day of Trinamool Congress.

Voters of the Kalchini area who love TMC are under mental stress for 2016 election and are becoming disgusted with such open party conflicts with resultant increasing supports to BJP and Left Front.

Many veteran TMC leaders and workers of Kalchini are  becoming inactive due to such conflicts and some of them who do not want to be identified have reported that Kalchini TMC Block President is actively engaged to aid with such group conflicts.


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