Monday 1 February 2016

Herojit absolves fellow cops, rebuffs Jhalajit

Manipur News
IMPHAL, Jan 30: Suspended Head Constable Thounaojam Herojit, who has recently made a confessional statement on the infamous July 23 encounter, has rebuffed Imphal West SP Dr AK Jhalajit’s clarification on the issue.
The gallantry award recipient talked to the media for the first time in the State at Mani-pur Press Club this evening after his sensational confession to killing Chungkham Sanjit Meitei some days back.
He once again told the media that he killed Sanjit after the then Imphal West Additional SP Dr AK Jhalajit ordered him to do so.
Claiming he was told by Jhalajit that the Chief Minister and the then DGP had full knowledge about what he was going to do, Herojit said that he and Jhalajit were talking face to face.
People who were present near Maimu Pharmacy might see Jhalajit talking to him that day, he said. Some of them might have even witnessed what he did to Sanjit, Herojit said.
Responding to a query, Herojit said that he did not feel any remorse and guilty at that time as he was simply following the order of his superior officer.
However, he has now realised that he had done grave mistakes, Herojit said.
“That is why, I come forward to admit my wrong- doings”, he said.
The suspended cop said that other police personnel who are being put under suspension in connection with the July 23 encounter are innocent and they were not involved in the case at all.
Herojit said that it was he who shot Sanjit dead that fateful day.
He said that he did not shoot people for personal enmity, gain, promotion or money but to follow the orders of his superiors.
When queried whether he got similar orders from Dr Jhalajit before July 23 incident as well, Herojit said that he did not receive such orders from the police officer in the past.
He said that he is now ready to accept any punishment given by the public and the Court for all the ‘misdeeds’ he had committed.
Declaring that he does not want security, the suspended cop said that he is not hiding but staying at the house of one of his close aides.
Herojit said that neither he nor his family has received any threat from anybody so far.
However, police had interrogated him regarding alleged connection with UGs and extortion activities before he declared that he killed Sanjit.
Herojit said that he is indebted to the public for all the love and care given to him though he does not deserve it.
Urging the UG cadres and security forces to realise that bloodshed would not lead to anywhere, Herojit said that he wants peace and cordial relations prevail in the State.
He said that he now only wants peace and not his security.
Source: thesangaiexpress

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