Wednesday 28 October 2015

Story of WBSEDCL,Kalchini

The customers of WBSEDCL Kalchini are facing hardship for depositing their electric bills.Today on 28/10/2015 was the last date of depositing electric bills for at least 500 customers.

But there was only one counter open for depositing of bills. Another online machine for depositing by customers also was almost un serviceable. On asking to Station Manager,Kalchini no solution was given by him.Simply he refused for opening another counter saying that he is not having manpower.

There are three counters existing in side the office.There was no counter for Ladies,Senior Citizens separately. Customers.Customers standing in the que expressed that this is a regular feature here.They criticized on the mismanagement of the concerned. Also, customers were demanding a smooth system for depositing electric bills.  

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