Tuesday 13 October 2015

Is something revealed ?

An article Written by Ram Kumar Ohri (IPS; retd).Going through this article renders a feeling, as if something  is revealed.Although the article attracts many questions and debates.

Pakistanis are basically Hindus, Pakistani lady scholar admits  by Ram Kumar Ohri (IPS; retd)

A brave Pakistani lady scholar boldly states what many Indians won't.

In a landmark confession of truth, an enlightened Muslim intellectual, Fauzia Syed, declared during a discussion on a television channel that all Pakistani and Bangladeshi Muslims are essentially Hindus, and that in rare cases, they might be Buddhists.

The lady activist lamented that a lot of Muslims, mainly Pakistani and Bangladeshi, have a hard time accepting the fact that their ancestors were Hindus who were converted by force of sword to Islam.
The gutsy lady said this in a live television show while responding to the argument of radical Pakistani Muslim preacher Zaid Hamid.

Syed’s bold assertion of the truth is a clarion call to Hindus to wake up from slumber and re-educate and enlighten the Muslims of the sub-continent about their ancestry and massacres of their forefathers. Unfortunately till now, no Hindu has responded to her wakeup call.
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