Friday 30 October 2015

Air pollution,health problems from brunt polythene garbage

This dense smoke is originated from putting fire to huge quantity used polythene and other garbage, situated inside of 16 Wing Air Force boundary wall near Kendriya Vidyalaya Hasimara adjacent to 31 National Highway.

Local villagers reported that this is a regular feature being arranged by the 16 Wing Air Force authority.This unhygienic smoke spreads to nearby villages. Poisonous smoke originated from burning of polythene garbage affecting villagers severely. Hardness of breath,respiratory problems are the resultant due to heavy air pollution are reported.

It is also reported by the local public that they have reported the matter to 16 Wing AF authority repeatedly without any result. It will not be out of place to mention that burnig could be done using modern scientific procedure and by which grave pollution of air/environment as well as public health problems will be under control.

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