Monday 23 May 2016

Karunanidhi angry over 'insult'

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CHENNAI:  As per media report it appears that M Karunanidhi,DMK president has alleged that his party was 'insulted' at the swearing-in ceremony of J Jayalalithaa as Tamil Nadu chief minister , complaining about the seating arrangement made for his son MK Stalin .

He also said that Stalin was made to sit 'among the crowd ' even as a losing candidate and AIADMK ally, R Sarath Kumar, was allotted seat in the front row.

Karunanidhi said in a statement "Stalin, who has the qualification to sit in the Main Opposition (possibly as its Leader) after (DMK) won 89 seats, was given seat among the crowd whereas Sarath Kumar was seated in the front row".

Karunanidhi said and criticised Jayalalithaa over the incident stating DMK was "insulted" in a planned manner.

News & Image Source :The Times of India

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