Wednesday 9 December 2015

CIA and Religious Missionaries

Senator Frank Church
Today our subject is a Commentary by Arvind Kumar on Indiafacts.Though the article had been published long back but the same deserves attention of readers who did not go through the article till date.

The title of the article is The Religious Crusades of the CIA.The writer tried to establish the fact that how Central Intelligence Agency of US had attempted to destabilize societies around the world using religion warrants attention.

It appears from the report that Allen Dulles, the head of CIA in early years was responsible for using religious groups as cover for intelligence activities. He had used them for spying even when he was part of the Office of Strategic Services which was CIA’s predecessor.

The report becomes more interesting for Indians when it is revealed that the most recent high profile example of the US using religious missionaries as Trojan horses to cause disturbances in India was in the case of the agitation against the Kudankulam nuclear power plant. This agitation came after a cable to the CIA from the US Consulate in Mumbai (Wikileaks cable 06MUMBAI1803_a) informed the agency that “we feel that the USG must move forward to enable our companies to compete in the next stage of India’s nuclear future. Otherwise we may have to watch bitterly as third countries become the first to benefit commercially from the environment that our diplomacy has created.”

Some excerpts from The Church Committee report headed by Senator Frank Church speaks for itself and highlights the dangers of allowing foreign missionaries into India.Source: Indiafacts. If you like to know details click here

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