Thursday 6 October 2016

Justice BG Kolse Patil says RSS is the biggest enemy of India

GB Kolse Patil & his audience
New Delhi, Oct 3 : ‘I can give you in written, i repeat, I can give you in written that undoubtedly RSS is the biggest enemy of India, we need to defeat the poisonous ideology of RSS on ideological level’, thundered Justice GB Kolse Patil, a former judge of  Bombay High Court.  He was addressing the concluding progarmme of the month long national campaign ‘Stop Politics of Hate’ organized by Popular Front of India at Talkatora Indoor Stadium here on Monday.

In his thought-provoking address, Justice Patil said   ‘Hindutva is nothing but deluding name of Brahmanism and the real enemy of India are Brahmanism and Capitalism’.  He also stressed the need of unity among all sections to fight against the communalism of RSS. He urged the peace loving citizen’s belongings to all communities not to be a victim of the propaganda campaign by RSS.

“India belongs to all Indians and not only Brahmins and its Brahmanism which RSS wants to impose on India. We should not call ‘Hindustan’ as it refers to Hindus only rather we should say India or Bharat because all Indians are not Hindus”, he added.
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